60+ Names That Mean Beast (Whimsical and Memorable)

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By Diego Miller

Names That Mean Beast are a unique choice for parents seeking strong and powerful names for their children. These names, often inspired by animals and mythical creatures, convey a sense of strength and fierceness. Whether you’re looking for a baby boy, baby girl, or unisex name, there are plenty of options that embody the spirit of the beast.

For baby boys, Names That Mean Beast can evoke a sense of bravery and dominance. These names are often associated with powerful animals such as lions, wolves, and bears. They can symbolize strength, courage, and resilience, making them perfect for parents who want their sons to grow up with a strong and confident identity.

Similarly, for baby girls, Names That Mean Beast can represent a sense of empowerment and independence. These names can be inspired by fierce and majestic creatures like tigers, panthers, and dragons. They embody qualities such as fearlessness, determination, and grace, allowing girls to embrace their inner strength from an early age.

Baby Names That Mean Beast

Adalwolf – ‘noble wolf’ (German)

Barrett – ‘bear strength’ (English)

Conall – ‘strong wolf’ (Irish)

Dag – ‘daylight’ (Scandinavian)

Einar – ‘one warrior’ (Norse)

Fenrir – ‘monster wolf’ (Norse mythology)

Grimm – ‘fierce’ (German)

Hartwin – ‘brave wolf’ (German)

Ingram – ‘raven of Anglia’ (English)

Jareth – ‘to possess’ (Hebrew)

Kodiak – ‘island’ (Alaskan)

Lycan – ‘wolf’ (Greek)

Maelis – ‘prince of wolves’ (French)

Nashoba – ‘wolf’ (Choctaw)

Ossian – ‘little deer’ (Irish)

Panther – ‘large wild cat’ (Greek)

Quillon – ‘sword’ (Latin)

Ragnar – ‘warrior’ (Norse)

Sabre – ‘sword’ (French)

Talon – ‘claw’ (English)

Ulf – ‘wolf’ (Norse)

Vladimir – ‘ruler of the world’ (Slavic)

Wolfgang – ‘wolf path’ (German)

Xander – ‘defender of men’ (Greek)

Ymir – ‘giant’ (Norse mythology)

Zephyr – ‘west wind’ (Greek)

Boy Names That Mean Beast

Beowulf – ‘bee wolf’ (Old English)

Caleb – ‘dog’ (Hebrew)

Dante – ‘enduring’ (Italian)

Ezekiel – ‘God strengthens’ (Hebrew)

Fergus – ‘man of force’ (Gaelic)

Gunnar – ‘warrior’ (Norse)

Hector – ‘holding fast’ (Greek)

Igor – ‘warrior of peace’ (Russian)

Jaguar – ‘large spotted cat’ (Portuguese)

Kane – ‘warrior’ (Irish)

Leander – ‘lion man’ (Greek)

Magnus – ‘great’ (Latin)

Nero – ‘strong’ (Italian)

Oscar – ‘deer lover’ (Irish)

Panther – ‘large wild cat’ (Greek)

Quillon – ‘sword’ (Latin)

Ragnar – ‘warrior’ (Norse)

Sabre – ‘sword’ (French)

Talon – ‘claw’ (English)

Ulf – ‘wolf’ (Norse)

Vladimir – ‘ruler of the world’ (Slavic)

Wolfgang – ‘wolf path’ (German)

Xander – ‘defender of men’ (Greek)

Ymir – ‘giant’ (Norse mythology)

Zephyr – ‘west wind’ (Greek)

Girl Names That Mean Beast

Adara – ‘noble’ (Hebrew)

Briar – ‘thorny plant’ (English)

Cybele – ‘goddess of the earth’ (Greek)

Dakota – ‘friendly one’ (Native American)

Elara – ‘bright’ (Greek)

Felina – ‘catlike’ (Latin)

Griselda – ‘gray battle’ (German)

Hyena – ‘wild animal’ (Greek)

Isolde – ‘ice ruler’ (German)

Jaguar – ‘large spotted cat’ (Portuguese)

Kaida – ‘little dragon’ (Japanese)

Lilith – ‘of the night’ (Hebrew)

Morgana – ‘sea circle’ (Welsh)

Nala – ‘successful’ (African)

Ophelia – ‘help’ (Greek)

Panthera – ‘panther’ (Latin)

Quella – ‘quiet’ (Italian)

Raven – ‘blackbird’ (English)

Sabrina – ‘boundary line’ (Celtic)

Tigress – ‘female tiger’ (English)

Ursula – ‘little bear’ (Latin)

Valkyrie – ‘chooser of the slain’ (Norse mythology)

Wolfsbane – ‘poisonous plant’ (English)

Xena – ‘guest’ (Greek)

Yara – ‘water lady’ (Arabic)

Zara – ‘princess’ (Arabic)

Unisex Names That Mean Beast

Aspen – ‘tree’ (English)

Bailey – ‘bailiff’
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Significance and Symbolism of Names That Mean Beast

Choosing names that mean beast holds significant symbolism in various contexts. These names often represent strength, power, and primal instincts.

Such names can be used to portray characters in literature, movies, or video games who possess fierce and untamed qualities.

In mythology and folklore, names that mean beast are often associated with mythical creatures and legendary beasts, embodying their wild and formidable nature.

Furthermore, these names can be chosen for sports teams or competitive groups to evoke a sense of fearlessness and dominance.

Overall, names that mean beast serve as a powerful choice for individuals or entities seeking to embody the untamed and formidable aspects of the natural world.