60+ Names That Mean Requested (Whimsical and Memorable)

Names That Mean Requested are a popular choice for parents looking for meaningful and unique names for their babies. These names hold a special significance as they symbolize the desire and hope associated with a child being requested or wished for.

For baby boys, Names That Mean Requested can convey strength, determination, and a sense of purpose. These names often have origins from different cultures and languages, adding to their diversity and appeal.

Similarly, for baby girls, Names That Mean Requested can evoke a sense of beauty, grace, and resilience. These names often have a poetic quality to them, reflecting the joy and anticipation that comes with the arrival of a much-awaited child.

Baby Names That Mean Requested

Aiden – ‘little fire’ (Irish)

Amara – ‘grace’ (Igbo)

Arabella – ‘answered prayer’ (Latin)

Asa – ‘physician’ (Hebrew)

Beatrix – ‘voyager’ (Latin)

Callum – ‘dove’ (Scottish)

Desiree – ‘desired’ (French)

Elijah – ‘Yahweh is God’ (Hebrew)

Esme – ‘esteemed’ (French)

Felix – ‘fortunate’ (Latin)

Giselle – ‘pledge’ (German)

Harper – ‘harp player’ (English)

Isaac – ‘laughter’ (Hebrew)

Jasmine – ‘gift from God’ (Persian)

Kai – ‘sea’ (Hawaiian)

Liam – ‘strong-willed warrior’ (Irish)

Luna – ‘moon’ (Latin)

Mila – ‘gracious’ (Slavic)

Nathan – ‘gift from God’ (Hebrew)

Nora – ‘honor’ (Irish)

Oliver – ‘olive tree’ (Latin)

Penelope – ‘weaver’ (Greek)

Quinn – ‘wise’ (Irish)

Riley – ‘valiant’ (Irish)

Sophia – ‘wisdom’ (Greek)

Theo – ‘divine gift’ (Greek)

Valentina – ‘strong, healthy’ (Latin)

Wyatt – ‘brave in war’ (English)

Boy Names That Mean Requested

Adam – ‘man’ (Hebrew)

Benjamin – ‘son of the right hand’ (Hebrew)

Caleb – ‘whole-hearted’ (Hebrew)

Daniel – ‘God is my judge’ (Hebrew)

Ethan – ‘strong, firm’ (Hebrew)

Gabriel – ‘God is my strength’ (Hebrew)

Henry – ‘ruler of the household’ (German)

Isaiah – ‘Yahweh is salvation’ (Hebrew)

James – ‘supplanter’ (Hebrew)

Leo – ‘lion’ (Latin)

Mason – ‘stone worker’ (English)

Noah – ‘rest, comfort’ (Hebrew)

Oscar – ‘God spear’ (English)

Peter – ‘rock’ (Greek)

Samuel – ‘heard by God’ (Hebrew)

Thomas – ‘twin’ (Aramaic)

William – ‘resolute protector’ (German)

Xavier – ‘bright, splendid’ (Basque)

Zachary – ‘remembered by God’ (Hebrew)

Girl Names That Mean Requested

Aria – ‘air, melody’ (Italian)

Bella – ‘beautiful’ (Italian)

Chloe – ‘blooming’ (Greek)

Daisy – ‘day’s eye’ (English)

Eva – ‘life’ (Hebrew)

Grace – ‘favor, blessing’ (Latin)

Hannah – ‘favor, grace’ (Hebrew)

Isabella – ‘pledged to God’ (Hebrew)

Jade – ‘stone of the side’ (Spanish)

Katherine – ‘pure’ (Greek)

Lily – ‘pure, innocent’ (English)

Mia – ‘mine’ (Italian)

Natalie – ‘born on Christmas’ (Latin)

Olivia – ‘olive tree’ (Latin)

Paige – ‘young servant’ (English)

Quinn – ‘wise’ (Irish)

Ruby – ‘red gemstone’ (English)

Sophie – ‘wisdom’ (Greek)

Victoria – ‘victory’ (Latin)

Zoe – ‘life’ (Greek)

Unisex Names That Mean Requested

Avery – ‘ruler of the elves’ (English)

Charlie – ‘free man’ (English)

Dakota – ‘friendly companion’ (Native American)

Emerson – ‘brave’ (English)

Finley – ‘fair warrior’ (Scottish)

Hayden – ‘fire’ (English)

Jordan – ‘flowing down’ (Hebrew)

Kai – ‘sea’ (Hawaiian)

Logan – ‘small hollow’ (Scottish)

Morgan – ‘sea circle’ (Welsh)

Peyton – ‘fighting man’s estate’ (English)

Riley – ‘valiant’ (Irish)

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Significance and Symbolism of Names That Mean Requested

Choosing names that mean “requested” holds a deep significance in various cultural contexts. These names reflect the desire for a child to be wanted and cherished by their parents. They symbolize the hope and longing associated with the act of requesting a child’s presence in one’s life.

Furthermore, names that mean “requested” can also represent the idea of being chosen or selected. They embody the notion that the child is specifically sought after and desired, highlighting their uniqueness and special place within the family.

These names can be particularly meaningful for parents who have faced challenges in conceiving or adopting a child. By selecting a name that means “requested,” they acknowledge the journey they have undertaken to bring their child into their lives, celebrating the love and determination that led to their arrival.

Moreover, names that mean “requested” can serve as a reminder of the power of intention and the importance of being wanted. They convey the idea that every individual has inherent worth and value, as they were specifically requested and chosen to be a part of someone’s life.

In summary, names that mean “requested” carry a profound significance, representing the desire, longing, and intention behind a child’s arrival. They symbolize the love, uniqueness, and chosen nature of the child, while also serving as a reminder of the journey and determination that brought them into the world.